Find fast cash loans – and apply online

Find fast cash loans – and apply online

Submit your online application

The application will ask you questions about your employment, residential address, income, expenses, living arrangements, marital status and loan purpose.

Further questions

If your loan is not auto-approved and funded, you may receive a call from a loan officer to clarify a few items.

Can I use a cash loan for anything?

You pretty much can! Cash loans are unsecured, so you don’t need to buy a car or anything specific. You can start a business, cover the cost of car repairs, go on holiday, or even pay an unexpectedly high phone bill with a cash loan – the choice is yours. Lenders will look at your application and bank statements to make sure you’re not relying on a cash loan to cover day to day expenses – because that’s not sensible or sustainable borrowing. Fast cash loans are designed to meet unexpected costs and gaps in your cash flow caused by seasonal or irregular work, and it’s important to ensure you can afford to borrow before you make an application.

How do I apply for a fast cash loan?

Applications are quick and easy. Everything gets done on the web from your phone or computer. Lenders get you to fill out a quick form; then, they’ll ask you to upload or grant read-only access to the last 90 days of your bank statements. You can also upload proof of ID and address and then wait for a decision. Once you’re approved, lenders send an agreement, which you can sign and send back digitally, and you’re set. Funds transfer is usually rapid – you’ll nominate a bank account when you apply.

What’s the difference between a bank loan and an online loan?

Online loans are a shorter-term option than personal loans and bank loans. You can repay as quickly as just 16 days or choose to extend payments over two years. With a fast cash loan, you can borrow anything between $300 and $5,000. Most bank loans represent longer-term commitments and offer more considerable sums. Generally, the application process for cash loans is much quicker than bank loans too.

How does the loan approval process work?

Lenders ask for a few months’ worth of bank statements so they can assess your income and spending. They’re more interested in whether your loan is affordable than anything else and mainly check your credit report for existing borrowing – not past problems or a low score. If you’ve got one or two existing short-term loans active, the lender is unlikely to approve your application so it’s a great idea to make sure you’re on top of that before you apply.

How long does a fast cash loan application take?

The application process takes minutes, and lenders differ slightly in terms of settlement (handing over your cash). Most loan provider websites indicate average settlement times, and it’s a good idea to ask that question before you commit. Fast cash loans are called that for a reason, however. The key to the speed is in the way lenders assess applications. Unlike when you take out a bank loan, there isn’t tonnes of paperwork to find. Past credit problems don’t automatically disqualify you from getting a fast cash loan either, so it takes lenders a relatively short time to figure out if you can afford to repay – based on your current situation, rather than lots of different factors and your history. Some fast cash loan lenders get funds to you the same day you apply.

How do I know I’m getting the best loan option?

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