Heterosexual Anal Intercourse Activities Among Puerto Rican and Black Youngsters

Heterosexual Anal Intercourse Activities Among Puerto Rican and Black Youngsters


Heterosexual anal sex isn’t unheard of in the United States, also it presents chances for STDs. However, whom partcipates in they and just why are not well-understood, especially among teenagers.


In 2006–2008, data on sexual health–related subject areas happened to be amassed in surveys (483 respondents) and qualitative interview (70 individuals) with black colored and Puerto Rican 18–25-year-olds in Hartford and Philadelphia. Bivariate and multivariate analyses of research facts considered predictors of anal sex with latest big heterosexual companion. Meeting transcripts are assessed for anal intercourse activities and reasons behind and against engaging in this actions.


Some 34percent of survey participants have got anal intercourse; this attitude ended up being usual with serious associates than with informal couples (22per cent vs. 8%). Ebony respondents comprise unlikely than Puerto Ricans to document anal intercourse (probabilities proportion, 0.3); ladies had been very likely to do this than happened to be people (2.9). In qualitative cohort, perceptions of rectal intercourse as unpleasant and unappealing had been the main known reasons for not having anal intercourse, whereas sexual satisfaction and, in big relationships, closeness are the primary good reasons for participating in they. Condom utilize during anal intercourse ended up being uncommon and had been motivated by STD or health questions.


Heterosexual anal intercourse just isn’t an occasional actions and must be looked at in an extensive intimate fitness context, not merely as an indicator of STD chances. Health providers should address it openly and, whenever suitable, as a positive sexual and mental feel.

Heterosexual rectal intercourse represents a comparatively new section of general public health inquiry with which has appeared responding to enhanced rate of HIV problems among female. 1 Anal sex try a wellness focus mainly because it’s associated with a larger likelihood of STD indication than oral and genital sex, though estimates of these threat differ commonly. 2–6 Prevalence quotes claim that 30–40percent of grownups of reproductive era in the us has engaged in heterosexual rectal intercourse. 7,8 Additionally, numerous detectives discovered that the frequency of heterosexual anal intercourse increases considerably between midadolescence (not as much as 5percent among 15–17-year-olds) while the mid-20s (about 30per cent among 22–24-year-olds). 8–11

Whereas a considerable human body of epidemiologic, behavioural and intervention investigation centers around rectal intercourse among people with gender with people, research concerning heterosexual anal sex is during its infancy. To the insights, no quotes centered on rigorous computations can be obtained regarding the degree to which heterosexual rectal intercourse contributes to the HIV crisis in america. However, established incidence research, coupled with the reasonably large HIV indication possibilities involving anal sex, suggests that their sum may not be insignificant. These concerns tend to be combined by researches http://datingmentor.org/escort/san-angelo/ which have found consistently reasonable prices of condom incorporate during anal intercourse among heterosexual couples. 7,11–13

Newest data on heterosexual anal sex might quantitative, predicated on medical and people trials, and centered on three sets of correlates: co-occurring hazard actions, demographic attributes, and commitment and gender dynamics. 5 the majority of of it produces facts that involvement in anal intercourse are associated with some other hazard behaviour, especially medication or alcoholic drinks need and having several sexual associates, either simultaneously or higher the program of a very long time. 9,13–15 Comparisons on the prevalence of anal sex among various demographic groups have produced blended success. As an example, some studies have discover whites is more likely than fraction teams to report rectal intercourse, 11,13 although some are finding no association between ethnicity and anal sex. 7,9 Some research has unearthed that the frequency of anal intercourse increase with age, was similarly probably be reported by men and women, and is also usual with “main” couples than with everyday lovers, 7,9,11,13 but people bring reported contrary results for each of these groups. 7,14,16