Resource: Eurostat Labour power review [lfsa_eppgai]- involuntary part-time employment

Resource: Eurostat Labour power review [lfsa_eppgai]- involuntary part-time employment

The express of involuntary part-time operate in Slovakia is similar to the EU average and it has already been decreasing in the past many years. In 2022, 23.9percent women who run part-time in Slovakia would rather a full-time deal whilst in the EU average had been 27.1percent. For men the numbers were somewhat beneath the average, 32per cent boys in Slovakia and 34.9per cent in the EU come into involuntary part-time employment. It must be noted, however, that amount of part-time focus on complete jobs is really reduced in Slovakia.


Night-work will probably be jobs sang between 22:00 and 06:00. For purposes of the work signal, an employee operating overnight will be a member of staff which does work requiring standard efficiency through the night, to the level of at least three successive many hours or, presumably operates at night, for a minimum of 500 several hours every year aisle online. A manager shall be obliged to bargain frequently the organization of night work because of the employeesA? representatives. An employer which on a regular basis hires staff members during the night will probably be obliged to inform the qualified work inspectorate and employeesa€™ representatives of such reality, should they very inquire. An employer shall arrange a€“ with an employee employed during the night a€“ the established regular operating time in such a way that normal amount of a shift doesn’t exceed eight many hours in a time period of at most four consecutive calendar months (the computation shall be according to a five-day doing work day). A member of staff carrying out night-work try entitled to wage surcharge per hr worked out. According to the amendments towards Labour Code 2018, from 1 May 2022 at the least inside 40% associated with hourly rate regarding the minimum-wage. In 2021, it had been replaced by a fix payment of a‚¬1.43 per hour.

Shift efforts

A-work move is part of the specified once a week doing work opportunity which, on such basis as a fixed schedule of perform changes, a member of staff is actually obliged be effective within 24 consecutive many hours and work split. Change job is a way of organising doing work time in which staff members alternative at the same workplace per a certain plan and, throughout a certain time period days or weeks, work on differing times. The beginning and conclusion of working some time and the timetable of jobs changes will be determined by the workplace after arrangement with employeesa€™ representatives and shall be announced from the employer written down at destination that will be available to staff members.

  • a morning move is actually a-work move which vast majority drops between 06:00 and 14:00.
  • A day change are a-work shift of which the greater part drops between 14:00 and 22:00.
  • Every night move is actually a work change which vast majority drops between 22:00 and 06:00 days.

The most regular working period of a worker try 40 many hours. A worker just who on a regular basis executes are employed in two changes, shall bring a maximum regular functioning period of 38.75 many hours. In three-shift procedure or perhaps in continuous procedure, greatest doing work times was 37.5 hrs weekly.

Weekend perform

The Labour laws permits implementing vacations. But an employer try obliged to prepare working time in such a manner that a member of staff has two successive times of steady rest once a week, which must drop on Saturday and Sunday or on Sunday and Monday. On Sunday and a public trip, they shall be possible to cost a worker with these perform just which might be energized on days of continuous others for the times, are employed in steady surgery and operate needed for guarding the properties on the company. Brand new wage surcharges for dealing with Saturday and/or Sunday were launched by the amendments on the labor rule in 2018. From 1 May 2022 on Saturdays waiting at 50per cent and on Sundays standing up at 100percent for the hourly minimum wage. For working during a public holiday the wage surcharge is 100% of the employeeA?s ordinary income. In 2021, it really is a fix repayment of a‚¬1.79 each hour for work on Saturday and a‚¬3.58 hourly for work with Sunday.

In accordance with functions in the municipal solution and public service, a community staff member taking care of Saturdays and Sundays is actually eligible for a wage surcharge of 30% of the hourly useful income, although not around defined surcharges based on the hourly minimum wage.