You may be asked to provide extra documentation after applying, which could delay your access to cash

You may be asked to provide extra documentation after applying, which could delay your access to cash

If I am approved, how quickly will I get the money?

We can release funds to our customers every 15 minutes. Our 15-minute funding is just about the quickest funding service you can find online but is available only to borrowers who are approved and meet our terms and conditions. However, once approved, you could still receive funding in just 15 minutes.

Is an online direct lender loan the best option for me?

Payday loans continue to receive bad press, yet people often overlook the benefits they provide. See our if our loans suit your needs. We are direct lenders, which means we fund the loans ourselves rather than requiring any third parties for funding.

Many people seek loan debt help in the UK. As with any form of credit, individuals should take care before applying to ensure they can make the repayments. Although a payday loan does come with a higher interest rate than many other loan products on the market, it can be of great help to those who need cash quickly.

Our loans are a great option if you need some quick cash and you know you can pay it back. Then we’re here to help! However we do not recommend using a loan as a solution to a long term financial issue.

What Can I Use a Short Term Loan For?

Individuals often question whether it could be beneficial to take out a loan for something other than a house or vehicle. The answer to this question is yes. One should never put off undergoing essential dental care, for example, simply because they don’t have the money available to pay for it.

Although the NHS often pays for these costs in some form, individuals must pay for a portion of their fillings, extractions, crowns, dentures and bridges. A quick, flexible loan can help if the person needs this work done but is not able to pay for it. However, it is important to be aware that the amount you borrow will often be more than the cost of the dental work, as most direct lenders in the UK have a minimum borrowing amount.

If you need a vehicle to travel to or from work and the vehicle breaks down, a loan could help you pay for the repairs if there is no other available option. However, you should not borrow money for an unplanned holiday simply because you can get a good deal. As responsible UK direct lenders, we recommend borrowers at least distinguish between the items that they want and items they need and approach a lender or payday loans Arkansas a broker on that basis.


Consumers in the United Kingdom turn to Moneyboat when they find they need cash quickly to tide them over until payday. We are known for providing affordable and responsible loan solutions at a comparatively low daily interest, with no hidden charges.

Our charges and repayments , made over a number of months, are easy to understand, and we have streamlined the borrowing process to make it easy for you to get the credit you need in a timely manner.

We offer a variety of loan options, so you are not forced to take a loan that does not meet your needs. We are serious about providing responsible credit and payday loans. As direct lenders we ensure that we carry thorough credit check and affordability tests prior to lending.

Many payday loan providers will ask for repayment of the full loan amount on your next payday. These are notoriously difficult repayment terms and often lead to missed payments, extra charges and bad credit reports. Our payday loans are repayable over a number of instalments, so you can spread the cost of the credit over several paydays. This is part of our responsible approach to lending.