Zen methods the newest MC, that is now their manager, and professes his choose to her

Zen methods the newest MC, that is now their manager, and professes his choose to her

Zen closes his speech from the deciding to combine his very own lifestyle with his elite group career, as he no further desires mask their earlier in the day and you may allows whom he or she is today.

The guy makes the alarming choice to introduce the ball player as the their wife because a last declaration to help you his love life, and asks the girl ahead upwards onto the phase, where the guy professes his determination in order to her

  1. Efficiently reach the 11th Go out in the Zen’s route.
  2. The gamer must have 10 or higher characters of tourist with ‘Completed’ position.

Summary : Two years later, at Jumin’s penthouse, Jaehee is concerned about the whereabouts of Seven and V, but Jumin is too engrossed in his old television to be concerned. The two watch an interview on Celebrity A! News, where Echo Girl and Zen discuss their new roles for a period drama the two are starring together. Echo Girl is flustered when the reporter asks her about the scandal, and is struggling to maintain her image, while Zen has become a successful actor, with his soundtrack albums topping the music charts.

He makes the shocking decision to introduce the gamer because the their spouse as the a final declaration in order to his sex life, and asks their to come right up onto the stage, in which he professes his dedication in order to the woman

  1. Receive Zen’s An effective Conclude.
  2. Purchase 20 hourglasses in order to discover the newest After Conclude.

Jaehee’s Channel

For much more in depth station publication and you can meanings of the endings for you thru Jaehee’s channel, look for Jaehee Kang/Channel Info and you can Jaehee Kang/Endings.

The guy helps make the stunning decision to introduce the gamer as the his partner since a final declaration so you can their sex-life, and asks the lady ahead up on the stage, where the guy professes their commitment so you’re able to her

  1. Get Jaehee’s route from inside the Relaxed Facts on first Date so you’re able to the new last Day.
  2. Effectively reach the 11th Time during the Jaehee’s route.
  3. The gamer need to have below ten emails from tourist that have “Completed” updates.

Crappy Story Finish step 1 Summary : Seven comes to Rika’s apartment to take the player to Zen’s house. When they arrive at Zen’s place, Zen doesn’t seem to open the door nor take Seven’s calls since his phone is off. Zen finally opens the door and meets the player. Seven then leaves after explaining it’s V’s orders and it’s easier to protect them both. Zen later asks the player if she thinks of him more than just a friend.

About chatroom Jumin informs Jaehee that their dad you are going to give over the other endeavor aside from the java one. She hopes he had declined however, he states he would not turn it down for most grounds. Jumin up coming announces fortunately, Jaehee was expecting a vacation however, he only intentions to set a store for the first-floor of the office building given that nearby convenience store is actually 300m out-of its building. She acts pleased until the guy simply leaves and then goes traditional after the woman gloomy reactions. Yoosung enters new chatroom and pities her after discovering for the last conversation. He commentary that he is afraid of providing a career today and you will desires to live-in the https://datingranking.net/chatavenue-review/ industry of LOLOL, and renders instantly.

three years afterwards, Zen, Yoosung, Jaehee together with user celebrate Jaehee’s other shell out raise in Zen’s flat. Jaehee was feeling sick which makes them care and attention this lady. Zen would like to compliment the woman but he says that she’s such investing the lady health for money. The guy guidelines their to begin with viewing some one and have hitched however, Yoosung asks your when the the guy merely desires these to be jealous as he in addition to athlete come way of living together with her following the evening she went to their family. Zen sees the gamer that she does not browse pleased due to Jaehee. Jaehee informs this lady one to she doesn’t have to worry at minimum end up being happy you to definitely she’s got Zen on her top. She wants to speak a lot more together however, she has to help you hop out to offer him or her privacy and she continues to have a few things to undertake. She merely desires on her pleasure.